I’ve logged my 10,000 hours working in sales and marketing, a few times over.

During that time I’ve worked on every sort of campaign you can imagine, for every type of customer — from massive corporate clients, to fast-growing startups — and along the way I’ve had access to plenty of ideas; some were really good, some were really bad, some were just ideas for the sake of ideas.

One thing I’ve learned, however, is that there are some ideas that can completely change the way you think — forever. These ideas make your life easier; They let you skip steps, save time, and unlock other powerful ideas.

These ideas aren’t magic. They aren’t like the sword in the stone. They’re merely ideas, and they can be held onto, combined, and utilized by anyone, anywhere.

Merely is here to give new marketers access to these ideas so they can grow their business and take control of their livelihood.