Merely Commerce

Ecommerce is merely commerce, and ecommerce marketing is merely marketing.

That’s really all I have to say, but I’ll continue …

If your great grandparents ran a hardware store, and someone walked in that they didn’t already know, what would they have said?

Probably something like: “How are you? How can I help you?”

That’s your job when you’re putting together a marketing and sales strategy for ecommerce. You want to get to know your customer, make a connection, and help solve their problems. You want to provide something good, and you want people to enjoy buying from you.

To help get people in the door, your grandparents might have put a sign on the street or an ad in the paper — you can advertise too, but modern marketing is unique. It’s unique because today it’s a lot harder to keep someones attention. It’s no longer a simple task to get everyone in town to know you exist. “Width” (telling everyone) is a very crowded game, so your advantage as a small business is the ability to go deep, and have meaningful interaction with your customers. Your goal is to truly understand and provide value to everyone you interact with.

No one refers anything that’s good as ‘content’. Nobody puts down a book they loved and says, ‘Wow! What great content!’”

When it comes to marketing, and inbound strategy, your goal should never be to just “produce content”, you should be giving customers something they want — adding value. Maybe that value is information, maybe it’s entertainment, maybe it’s a good deal, maybe it’s something they left in their cart — but it should never be content for the sake of content.

When you’re building an ecommerce strategy, think about how you can understand your customer, tell your story, and add value, every step of the way, with every customer interaction.

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