Don’t freak out, it’s merely marketing is an internet refuge — here to help you understand marketing in simple terms.

Learning a skill

Marketing is learnable. Anyone can be a marketer.

Telling a story

Marketing is telling your story consistently, and authentically, in the places where your customers are paying attention.

Designing a brand

Create an identity and design a set of rules for how you will interact with the world. This is how you can provide consistent experiences your customers want.

Building an offer

It all starts with understanding what customers want.

Creating an experience

Your customers experience doesn’t begin or end with their purchase. Learn what delights your customers and how you can provide it.

Building a system

Put some rules in place that make it easy to deliver on the promises you’ve made to your customers.

“Marketers make change happen. If you can make someone better, if you can open a door for someone, if you can shine a light, that’s the act of marketing.”

– Seth Godin

Marketing is holding the door open. Marketing is putting away your laundry. Marketing is asking your neighbour how their day is going, and really caring about their answer. What I mean is: it isn’t complicated, but it does take effort.

Marketing is the type of thing you assume you can do, and keep telling yourself you will do, but you’ll never see the results until you simply start. Once you start consistently, authentically, performing the simple habits that we call “marketing” you’ll see the results, and wish you started earlier. It’s not rocket surgery, it’s merely marketing.

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